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Special Presentation on Masonic Working Tools

11-02-2015 10:47:00
The next stated communication for Washington Lodge #3 will be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday, November 4 at the Green Mountain Masonic Center in Williston. Dinner will be served by OES at 6:30pm.

We have a great evening planned, featuring a special educational presentation by Bro. Richard Downer...
Whereas, ancient Operative Masons used their tools for the purpose of building; today, Speculative Masons use Masonic Tools and allegories to teach moral lessons and ethical behavior.  Many Speculative Masons have all but forgotten the practical uses of masonry tools. Our ancient Fellow Craft brethren in their study of Geometry would have been thoroughly schooled in the use of the plumb line, skirret and compasses as instruments for laying out the work and constructing other working tools. This talk will illustrate the value of these instruments to the ancient Operative Mason and demonstrate their usage. Brother Downer will reveal the “Master’s Secret” by demonstrating how ancient Operative Entered Apprentices and Fellow Craft Masons would have been taught to use the plumb line and compasses.

We are also be holding our First Annual Lodge Tie Swap during our post-meeting fellowship. Whether it's hip and vintage, just plain tacky, or simply taking up space in your closet - bring some ties to share and trade with your Brethren. We hope you can join us!